New Website

Screenshot of redesigned Hudson School District website

We’re excited to share our new website!

The district website has been redesigned as well as the sites for each school. The urls will stay the same. The main navigation menus have been tweaked slightly.

There are two major features that aren’t obvious – the site is designed to be mobile “first” and it’s designed to be accessible, which supports people that need a screen reader or adaptive technology to access the internet. 


Student, family and staff portals - at the top right are easy-access links for portals for students, families and staff 

  • Calendars for each school – this is one of the best parts!
    • There are calendars for each school as well at the Hudson School Board
    • Users can add events to their own calendar or “subscribe” to entire calendar
    • The calendar icon at the top links to the main calendar page on the district site and allows users to select multiple schools to view
    • The calendar icon in the center of each school site links to the school calendar
  • Menus – the main navigation menus are primarily the same and out-dated content has been purged 
  • Families/Community panel in the center provides quick links for frequently requested items
  • There is a “News” section on each site and it can be subscribed to
  • Superintendent updates will show on each school site and can also be subscribed to

We’re excited to share these new features and get your feedback!

Please share any comments at