School Safety

The safety and security of all students and staff is the district’s top priority. All Hudson school district staff, the Hudson Police Department and school resource officers have been trained in employing the ALICE protocol, an option-based response to events or active situations. (A=Alert, L=Lockdown, I=Inform, C=Counter, E=Evacuate).

Additional safety practices include:

  • Each building is locked and secured during the school day and has perimeter video cameras
  • All visitors enter through a secure entrance, sign-in and wear name badges
  • All district employees wear identification badges
  • School district personnel meet regularly with the Hudson Police and Fire Departments to plan, practice and conduct emergency drills
  • Routine safety audits are conducted for each building to ensure compliance with safety laws and regulations
  • The district’s Emergency Management Committee meets regularly
  • Each school has:
    • First aid kits, an AED and CPR certified staff
    • A registered nurse
    • Procedures in place to deal with emergency situations including medical emergencies, power failures and missing students
    • Building crisis response teams for a wide variety of issues


Evacuation Procedures

  • Transportation will be provided by school bus
  • An alert will be sent to your contact information such as phone call, text or email
  • If parents/guardians are requested to go to an evacuation site for reunification with children:
    • Bring a photo ID and be listed as an emergency contact for pick up
    • Park only in designated areas
    • Follow directions of emergency personnel
    • Wait for staff to unite you with your child(ren)
    • Promptly leave the reunification site to expediate the dismissal of all students

In Case of Emergency

  • Remain calm
  • DO NOT call the school – in a serious emergency, staff needs to focus and will provide updates as information becomes available
  • Wait for updates from the school or the superintendent’s office via text, email and/or phone call; the district will also use the website and social media as appropriate
  • DO NOT go to the school – doing so can put first responders at risk and prevent staff from focusing on students and safety
  • In case of a bus accident, DO NOT GO THE SCENE – traffic can back up quickly creating issues for first responders and putting people in danger
  • Avoid sharing rumors


  • Keep information updated with your child’s school in the Power School parent portal:
    • Contact information including telephone numbers (cell, work, home) and email
    • Current medical information
    • Emergency contacts
  • Practice how your child(ren) will access home and/or where to go if you are not there (key, neighbor, who to call, etc.)
  • Share this plan with at least two individuals who are listed as emergency contacts for your child(ren); let your children know who is allowed to pick them up
  • Remember to bring a photo ID with you when you go to school, especially to pick up a child
  • Make sure your child knows their address and a contact phone number

Update contact information in the Power School Parent Portal: If you are having difficulties updating your account or need a Power School account to be created, call your child’s school for assistance.