ESOL Program Overview

Multilingual Learners 

“Multilingual learners” refers to all children and youth who are, or have been, consistently exposed to multiple languages. Multilingual learners, or also known as English language Learners (ELLs), are students who:

  • Are unable to communicate fluently or reach the school curricula effectively in English
  • Often come from non-English-speaking homes and backgrounds
  • Typically require specialized or modified instruction in both the English language and in their academic courses

Mission of the ESOL program

The primary mission of the ESOL Program is to facilitate English language acquisition for students for whom English is not the first language. This is achieved through ESOL instructional classes, pull-out, and/or push-in services. The ESOL Program complies with state standards for English language acquisition, the World Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium Standards (WIDA) and uses these standards in conjunction with the fundamental principles of second language acquisition in order to provide the most beneficial learning environment possible to the student. The ESOL Program also aims to foster multicultural awareness in classrooms across the school district, and parental involvement in schools and the community.

Multilingual Student Placement Process

The following steps are followed to place students:

  1. Student registers and parents/guardians complete the state-approved Home Language Survey (HLS).
  2. District personnel review the Home Language Surveys and send the potential English Language Learner’s files to the district ESOL coordinator.
  3. Based on need, district ESOL coordinator and/or ESOL teacher call the parents to confirm linguistic needs of the students and family.
  4. ESOL coordinator assigns a certified testing administrator to schedule a diagnostic assessment for each potential multilingual learner. (State approved diagnostic screeners are: WIDA MODEL and WIDA Screener for Kindergarten)
  5. The testing administrator sends the results of the screener to the district ESOL coordinator.
  6. The district ESOL coordinator notifies the parents/guardians of “screener” results. If the student is identified as an English Learner, a parental notification letter is sent.
  7. The district ESOL coordinator adds the ELL to the state ESOL database in i4See ESOL roster
  8. For the specific details regarding the prescribed procedure, please refer to the NH ESOL Programs webpage: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program K-12.

What is Title III?

Title III is a federal grant program that provides financial assistance to school districts to ensure that children who are limited English proficient attain English proficiency and meet the same challenging State academic content all children are expected to meet. For more information, visit the link Title III—Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students

ESOL Staff

Jessica Paeplow – ESOL Coordinator  603 8861260 ext. 75006

Jeffrey Olisky – ESOL teacher (603) 881-3930 ext.  42152

Karen Emerson - ESOL teacher (603) 886-1248 ext. 33010

Joan Harper - ESOL teacher (603) 595-1570 ext. 55033

Theresa Rosa - ESOL teacher (603) 595-1570 ext. 55033

Important Links

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