Handbook and Policy Review

Each year, families must review school handbooks and district policies which provide important information about our schools.

The "handbook and policy review" process is done through PowerSchool and needs to be done for each child.

If you haven’t previously signed up for PowerSchool, contact the main office at your child’s school for assistance or email Lori McDermott at lmcdermott@sau81.org.

Agreeing to Policies 

  1. Go to the Power School parent portal: https://sau81.powerschool.com/public
  2. Log in with your user name and password 
  3. Select the "Handbook and Policy Review" link on the bottom left-hand panel (see red arrow in the screenshot at the right).
  4. Agree that you meet the age requirements and click "Begin Forms"

Multiple Students

Complete the policy review process for each of your students - you’ll be presented with policies that are specific for each child’s grade level and school. After filling out the Handbook and Policy Review for the first child, you can move to the next student by using the tabs at the top of the screen. (see the screenshot to the right for an example) Then, select the "Handbook and Policy Review" link again.


Contact your student’s school main office to ask any general questions about the handbooks or polices, or about the sign-off process.

Student Verification