Joint Budget Presentation

Families, staff & community members - 

We are excited for our upcoming budget period, which will now include a collaborative joint budget presentation by the School District to the School Board and the Budget Committee, to be held on Saturday, October 14th. The Budget Committee & the School Board will hear the proposed school district budget together and ask questions. The goal is to allow the Budget Committee early access to the district’s proposed budget and to allow the School Board to hear first-hand questions from the Budget Committee. The budget season starts shortly after the new school year and we would greatly appreciate all community members to be involved in the budget discussion, and the district welcomes you to the presentation on October 14.

Dan Moulis

Superintendent of Schools

Important Dates

Wednesday, August 23 – First Day of School for Staff

Monday, August 28 - First Day of School for Students

Friday, September 1 – No School for Students

Monday, September 4 – No School