Superintendent Update to the School Board - April 17, 2023

Community Engagement Update

On April 4, I attended the Hudson Chamber of Commerce event at the Castleton in Windham. Congratulations to Mansi Mathur, an Alvirne High School senior, who was recognized as Junior Citizen of the Year. This event highlighted the strong business partnerships in the community.

I had the opportunity to attend Annie Jr. The Musical at HMS on Saturday, April 8. The students did an amazing job and gave a wonderful performance. A special thanks to Rebecca Crivello and Paul Gymziak.

Mr. Baker sent a report to the district office that Bingo Night at Nottingham West Elementary School was a great success. At this event there were over 300 guests and everyone had a wonderful time. It is events like these that help build a strong school community. Also, a big THANK YOU to our amazing PTO!

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Update

I visited the culinary program at the Palmer Center CTE on April 6 as they had staff visit for lunch as part of the initial opening of the Barnyard Café. Last week, and on Thursdays, the public can order lunch from the Barnyard Café. I want to thank Chef Bressler for inviting us to attend and observe our students in the culinary classroom.

School Safety and Security Update

Last week, each school participated in ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) drills. The school principals developed scenarios with Mr. Tesini, Chair of the District Emergency Management Committee and Ms. Ripel, Vice Chair. The Hudson Police Department and Fire Department also attended these school drills. The schools went through the emergency management process, students and staff did an excellent job. The schools had takeaways for improvement for future planning and emergency management preparedness.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D