Superintendent Update to the School Board - April 3, 2023

Election Results

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the staff of the Hudson School District, to thank the community for its support – it is greatly appreciated. While there are two plus months of school left, April is an important time for hiring. The new teachers’ contract will help make the district more competitive in hiring.

Administrative Update

Last week, the Strategic Planning Committee met and provided an update on the school year and an overview of work on the strategic plan. The was an overview of the portrait of the graduate, the enrollment study, and the facilities study. The committee briefly discussed membership of the committee, a new 5-year strategic plan and a process for moving forward. The next meeting is scheduled for May 17th.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Update

Last week, the math curriculum committee met, discussed math alignment of math standards and math competencies, and reviewed instructional resources. The committee discussion also focused on math interventions being used at each school. The math curriculum team is planning to review the current math resources and math standards to ensure curriculum alignment across grade levels.

Facilities and School Operations Update

Last week, SAU administration, School Board member Mr. Campbell, Principal Mary-Ellen Labrie and the Department of Public Works met to review the upcoming community building project for the Dr. H.O. Smith playground. The construction and installation will be Thursday, May 4 and Friday, May 5. A process for volunteers has been created and a volunteer sign up form will be shared with the community soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D