Superintendent Update to the School Board - March 27, 2023

Good News Update

Congratulations to Yasmina Stump from Hudson Memorial School who participated in the 70th Annual State Spelling Bee and was a Spelling Finalist. This was in the Union Leader on Sunday, March 19th and is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations Yasmina!

It was great to attend the Cabaret at Alvirne High School. The students did an amazing job, it was great to listen to a wonderful ensemble of music from the Concert Band, Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, B Naturals, and Treble Choir. There were many soloists and two students created the cover of the program highlighting the fine arts.

I was invited to attend Quinceañera Dance, a new event at Alvirne High School. Students were speaking in Spanish and enjoying wonderful Spanish food. I want to thank Margoth Matteo and the World Language teachers for organizing this event.

I would like to congratulate Mansi Mathur, a senior at Alvirne High School, for being recognized as the Junior Citizen of the Year by the Hudson Chamber of Commerce. Mansi is the president of DECA, the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. She is also the president of the Bring Change to Mind club, which focuses on mental health stigma, and she volunteers at the NH Teen Institute and works at Dartmouth Hitchcock. Mansi will be recognized at the Chamber’s awards dinner next week, on April 4.

Administrative Update

Last week, I visited classrooms with Principal Bowen at Hudson Memorial School. I had the opportunity to visit a science classroom where students were completing a science lab, students in a Language Arts class were completing an activity on identifying the subject and predicate adjective in each sentence, students in a math class were completing the “Big 20” which included students completing math problems from prior learning to ensure they have retained the mathematical concepts and mathematical practices, and in social studies class students were discussing the Bill of Rights as part of a civics lesson.  

Hiring Updates

The school district is starting the hiring process for next school year with job postings for positions that will be vacant or open positions that were not filled this year.

The following positions are posted:

Alvirne High School

  • School Counselor
  • Science teachers (3)
  • Math teacher
  • English teacher
  • Dean of Academics

The Early Learning Center

  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Grade 1 teacher

Hills Garrison

  • Elementary teacher

Legislative Updates

Last week, I attended the NHSAA legislative conference. There were 6 legislative categories including building aid, funding, curriculum, instruction, and assessment, Parent Bill of Rights, equity, and education freedom accounts. I am going to highlights some of the discussion from the conference that included the discussion on the SB 272-Parental Bill of Rights which includes 80% of what school districts are currently doing, and 20% that will require school districts to update policies, procedures, and school practices. There are 5 legislative bills related to building aid, two of which address the application process and appropriation of funding at $50 million as annual appropriation. Another bill in the curriculum, instruction, and assessment category requires cursive writing and memorization of multiplication tables. HB 529 would increase adequacy funding based on the percentage of students accessing free and reduced meals and an equalized valuation.

Other Updates

I had the opportunity on Friday to participate in the interview process for a Deputy Fire Chief position. I want to thank the Fire Department and Fire Chief Scott Tice for allowing me to be part of this process. This again highlights the collaboration between the Fire Department and School District.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D