Superintendent Update to the School Board - March 13, 2023

Superintendent Statement 

Last week, the school district had a press conference with Hudson Police Department to make the public aware of a bus driver’s actions that resulted in an arrest. The investigation is ongoing with Hudson Police Department and will proceed through the court system. The actions of the bus driver were wrong and deeply concerning.  

I am grateful for the strong partnership with Hudson Police Department.  

Administrative Update 

As part of my weekly school visits, Mr. Dangora, Assistant Principal at Hills Garrison Elementary School, and I visited classrooms that were completing a math activity and reviewing their math answers on the interactive board with the teacher. In another class, students were working on an ELA assignment that included creating a title cover based upon their reading of a Judy Bloom novel that will follow up with a written assignment. Lastly, I visited an art class where one student presented an artwork assignment and gave the artwork for display at the SAU office. I enjoyed the school visits and will continue them during the second half of the school year.  

Community Engagement Update 

Last Tuesday I met with community members at the Hudson Senior Center and reviewed the school district warrant articles. I was happy to spend time last week discussing the school district and warrant articles. 

Facilities Updates 

During the winter vacation the facilities department completed the following projects: installation of HVAC systems at Nottingham West Elementary School and the new sound system at Alvirne High School, just in time for Cabaret, and a sink in the School Nurse’s office at Library Street School.  

The Friday before the winter vacation, Ms. Burk, Mr. Pratte, and I met with Lavalle Brensinger representatives to discuss the finalization of the school district facilities report. The district will be reviewing the report with the School Board at the next meeting to start the discussion of the findings, outcomes, concepts, and recommendations from this report. 

Other Updates 

Read Across America was celebrated in the schools, Library Street School and Dr. H.O. Smith School had visitors from high school students and Principal Beals that read to students. 

Last week, Ms. Burk and I met with Brian Groth, Town Planner, Police Chief Tad Dionne, and Captain Steve McElhinney to discuss pedestrian traffic in the town. As part of this meeting, Hudson Police Department provided a review of pedestrian traffic near the schools and the future needs for the town. 

The Emergency Management Committee met last week and in working with Hudson Police Department ALICE school drills and tabletop scenarios for classroom discussions with students are being scheduled.  

Respectfully submitted, 

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D