Superintendent Update to the School Board - February 6, 2023

Administrative Update 

The science curriculum team met today; the committee is comprised of teachers and administrators. The team reviewed roles, responsibilities, goals of the committee, and timeframe for the science curriculum review. The committee discussed the initial steps to gain feedback from teachers and administrators to begin the science review process. The committee will be meeting monthly to outline the research, review, and curriculum alignment process. 

Community Engagement Update 

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet and have conversations with families at Nottingham West Elementary School, Hills Garrison Elementary School, and Alvirne High School. The key themes of the conversation from families were that teachers, staff, and administration are doing an excellent job providing a supportive educational environment for their child(ren) and there is a variety of course offerings at Alvirne High School. There is a need for more resources for social and emotional learning support. A variety of communication is occurring however there is a recommendation for the school counseling newsletter, athletics calendar, and recent school announcements to be put on the school websites. This week, more conversations are scheduled at Hudson Memorial School and the Early Learning Center.  

Today, Senator Hassan visited the Palmer CTE Center, the CTE student ambassadors provided a tour of CTE programs. Senator Hassan visited classrooms to review the career opportunities available to students. This was a great visit, and the district is always willing to highlight career pathways for the public and political officials. I want to thank Dr. Frauwirth for coordinating this visit. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D