Superintendent Update to the School Board - February 1, 2023

Administrative Update

This month district administration participated in school security walkthroughs with New Hampshire’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) at each school. The Hudson Police Department and Hudson Fire Department attended these school security walkthroughs. Prior to the review of the school security infrastructure, a meeting occurred with the principals and administration and HSEM representative to discuss updates since the last visit. The district has invested in school security since the last Homeland Security visit in 2017, including the installation of cameras, adopting the ALICE training protocol, creating secure entrances and replacing door locks. I appreciate the time everyone took out of their schedules to participate in these walk throughs and we looks forward to receiving the reports from Homeland Security.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Updates

Principals have created and updated school action plans focused on improvement based on assessment reports. The action plans have areas identified in mathematics, reading, writing, science, and school culture based upon the school administration’s focus on areas for each school. These school action plans will be discussed with the School Board at a future meeting.


I met with students at Hudson Memorial School earlier this month to discuss their ideas to improve school culture and climate. The students had great ideas that they shared with both Mr. Bowen and me. I will be meeting with students in each building over the next several weeks. As part of this discussion and other conversations with HMS staff, Mr. Bowen has brought Tom White, State presenter that has presented in the past at HMS. The school visit will be this week on February 1st during the school day with grade level teams. The discussion with students will be a presentation that frames Anne Frank’s experiences as one of growth and introspection through her diary. Students will draw on the experiences in the diary and Anne’s experiences as we challenge our own biases and ask questions with Tom White.

Principal Beals and I worked with HCTV to discuss the Alvirne High School renovation. Mr. Beals provided an overview of the project components that included the site improvements and school improvements. I want to thank Mr. Scagnelli and Mr. Gallagan who discussed as part of the Alvirne High School renovation the Auditorium as school and community space. I want to thank HCTV and Michael Johnson for creating the overview for community members to have this warrant article information.

Both Ms. Wolf and I attended the legislative updates conference today. The half-day conference focused on a review of over 93 legislative bills focused on education. There are several bills on building aid, education freedom accounts, dual enrollment and state adequacy funding. As the legislature works through the process, I will provide more details on bills that will have a direct impact on the district.

This week I kick off “Cookies, Cocoa & Conversation.” This is an opportunity to meet with parents and guardians at each school and learn how their child is doing in school this year. The principals and assistant principals will attend each event – and yes, there will be cookies and cocoa.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D