Superintendent Update to the School Board - January 9, 2023

Administrative Update

Last week Ms. Wolf led a conversation with principals and administrators on accessibility in the district’s communication, including internal and external communication. With the significant shift to electronic communication, it is important that we share information so it can be accessed in multiple electronic formats. We will continue to improve accessibility through email, social media, presentations, and the website. This includes providing language translation for the website and for documents. The accessibility of district information is part of the short-term goals of inclusivity with communication and school resources.

I want to thank HFT negotiations members for their work on a tentative agreement. This process involved reviewing contractual language for updates. Both HFT and the school district worked together on an agreement that supports our teachers with competitive salaries with our surrounding school districts to retain the teachers. This agreement serves as a good foundation for improving teacher salaries and decreasing teacher turnover.

Community Engagement

The district is hosting the Hudson Chamber of Commerce at the Palmer Center tomorrow from 5:00 PM-7:00 PM. This event is open to the public and it is a wonderful opportunity to have conversations with local businesses and non-profit organizations, local State Representatives, and community members. CTE Ambassadors will provide tours and a short presentation reviewing the March warrant articles including the Alvirne High School renovation.

I will host a series of conversations with families in mid-late January and early February. Conversations with families will be held at each school to discuss what their top priorities are for their children, now and in the future. I will also meet with several area groups to discuss the March warrant articles and district goals, priorities, and the strategic plan.

Other Updates

This week and next week, scheduled visits with the Department of Homeland Security will occur to assess school security, surveillance, and access in the schools. A report will be provided from the Department of Homeland Security that outlines progress since the last report and recommendations for improvement.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D