Superintendent Update to the School Board - December 5, 2022

Administrative Update 

The administrative team is finalizing a remote instruction plan for snow days. There are five snow days built into this year’s calendar and one was used for the primary in September. Remote learning provides an alternative option to ensure the school calendar is not extended if there are too many snow days. As noted in the weekly message there will still be traditional snow days. The remote instruction will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Should a remote instruction day occur, I will provide notice the day before for teachers, families, and students to prepare for the remote learning. 

Last week, the administrative team met to discuss school action plans focused on student academic growth. Administration and teachers will finalize these action plans and this information will be provided to the School Board in January. 

Hiring Updates 

The school district has hired a full-time custodian for a second shift custodial position. The district has also been hiring substitute teachers the past few weeks and making progress with hiring. 

At the SAU level, Ms. Burk has completed hiring for positions in the Finance department. Ms. Burk will provide an update in her report to the School Board on recent hiring. 

Other Updates 

I want to thank Champions for the donation of a refrigerator to Hudson Memorial School. The middle school appreciates this thoughtful donation. The donation is less than $1,000 and does not require School Board approval, however I wanted to express our gratitude to Champions. 

Chief Dionne, Ms. Wolf, and I completed two school walkthroughs before the Thanksgiving break. The school walkthroughs occurred at H.O. Smith and Library Street School. The security walk throughs focused on security of the schools and areas of improvement.  

For majority of last week, the district was unable to receive outside phone calls. Mr. Peterson and the Technology Department worked diligently to resolve this issue. As the delay continued, Ms. Wolf collaborated with principals and administrative assistants to find alternative ways to communicate with families. The Technology Department and administration are reviewing the emergency communication plans and making changes, as necessary. 

Last week the principals and members of the administrative team enjoyed visiting one of the holiday concerts at Library Street. It is wonderful to have all kinds of activities in our schools. There is a lot of excitement in our buildings, which will continue as we approach the holidays. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Daniel Moulis, Ed. D