Alvirne Update

Alvirne staff & families –

I am writing in regards to Principal Beals’ leave.

First, I want to acknowledge your emails and comments. I appreciate how students have respectfully and passionately voiced their support as well as parents and members of the community.

As I previously shared, Principal Beals is on leave, and I am unable to provide any further information at this time. I want to provide some clarification as to why I cannot share more.

As superintendent and leader of the district, I am legally and ethically not allowed to share any further details. Any employee’s status and employee record is confidential under NH employment law, NH Department of Education rules and school district policies. Even stating the type of leave, the reason for leave, the estimated duration of leave, etc. would be considered a breach of those laws.

I am committed to sharing any information when and if I can.

Hudson is a wonderful community and our staff is dedicated to supporting students across the district.

Dan Moulis

Superintendent of Schools