Thursday, January 20, 2022

This email contains:

  • Unpredictable Weather
  • Updated NH DHHS COVID Guidelines
  • Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Unpredictable Weather

The icy roads surprised everyone this morning. A bit of light rain skimmed Nashua and Hudson last night, causing some very icy roads in spots. We’ve had to deal with ice a few times already this year and it is treacherous. I rely on several sources for road conditions, including the Department of Public Works and the bus company but please remember – don’t go out on the roads, or send your student driver, if you don’t feel comfortable. Safety first.

Updated NH DHHS COVID Guidelines

[This section was updated January 21, 2022]

Prior to the new guidance adopted by the CDC and NH DHHS earlier this month, individuals that were vaccinated and had a COVID positive household contact did not have to quarantine.

With the current guidance, individuals that are “up-to-date” with their vaccines do not have to quarantine with a COVID positive household contact. 

For example, an adult who received two doses of a vaccine in May 2021 but has not had the booster shot, is NOT “up-to-date,” and would have to quarantine for 5 days with a positive household contact.

The full explanation of “up-to-date” is available here.

Complete NH DHHS Guidance: Isolation & Quarantine Recommendations for the General Public

NH COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Last week was an early release day for students and a professional learning day for staff. Every single staff member, including secretaries, food service, custodians and bus drivers, must participate in suicide awareness and prevention training each year. The training includes warning signs, risk factors and preventative strategies. If you have concerns about your child, please reach out to the school counselor who can connect you to resources.

Have a good weekend.

Larry Russell
Superintendent of Schools

Important Dates

January 24 – School Board Meeting

February 5 – School District Deliberative Session

February 7 – School Board Meeting

February 21 – School Board Meeting

February 28 - March 4 – Winter Break

March 8 – Town Voting