Guide to Competency Grading

Work Study Practices

Our work study practices are used to describe work habits and classroom behaviors. Students are scored on a scale of 1-4 on the three core values of Hudson Memorial School: respect, responsibilities, and hard work. The Work Study Practices Rubric can be found on the Hudson Memorial School website. These Work Study Practices are reported out at each progress report.

What it looks like

A student’s grade is comprised of 3 different categories - Practice, Formative, and Summative. Practice gradees show progress in the learning process of a new concept or skill. Formative grades assess current levels of understanding throughout a unit or concept to guide the next steps of instruction. Summative assessments measure the cumulative knowledge and skills gained.;

Competency-based vs. Standards based Grading

In elementary school, student growth and achievement is measured based on individual standards with letter codes indicating their level of progress towards the end-of-year standard. Here at Hudson Memorial School, we group these standards into competencies. We are still assessing their level of achievement towards the end-of-year expectation of learning.

Progress towards end-of-year competency is marked in PowerSchool for individual summative assessments and on each progress report for each competency with the following codes:

  • EE – Exceeding Grade Level Expectations
  • ME – Meeting Grade Level Expectations
  • AE – Approaching Grade Level Expectations
  • IP – In Progress Toward Meeting Grade Level Expectations
  • NE – No Evidence of Skills Provided to Assess Grade Level Expectations
  • SNA – Standard not Addressed
  • WTG – Working Toward Personal Goals Outlined in a Student’s IEP

Grade Reporting and Trimesters

Grades are reported out 6 times per year. They are posted in PowerSchool in the middle and the end of each trimester. Final grades will be posted for unified arts classes at the end of the trimester students are enrolled in that class and at the end of the year for full-year classes.


Q: Can my student still earn Honor Roll with this system?

A: Yes! The same rules from previous years will apply. Students who earn As in all of their classes will be recognized as having earned High Honors. Students who have earned a combination of As and Bs will be recognized as having earned Honor Roll status.

Q: What if my student does poorly on a summative assessment?

A: All students are given the opportunity to reassess summative assessments. Students who wish to reassess should meet with their teacher as soon as possible after the assessment is returned to discuss a plan of action and what steps will be necessary for the reassessment to be a positive and successful experience.

Grade Reports

  • A = Student has earned a 90 -100.

  • B = Student has earned an 80-89.

  • C = Student has earned a 70-79.

  • D = Student has earned a 60-69.

  • F = Student has earned a 0-59.

Words & Terminology

  • Competency: The content, concepts, and skills expected to be learned in a course. Students show competency by transferring mastered skills and concepts to a new authentic performance task.;;
  • Curriculum: The content that is expected to be learned based on local, state, and national standards and frameworks.;
  • Formative Assessment: Practice work that informs teachers and students of areas of strength and weakness.
  • Mastery: Meeting the given expectations for the acquisition and demonstration of a skill or concept of grade level standards at a high level.
  • Performance Task: An authentic task that requires students to use mastered skills and concepts in new and meaningful ways.
  • Proficiency: Meeting the given expectations for the acquisition and demonstration of a skill or concept of grade level standards.;
  • Reassessment: An opportunity for students to continue the learning process and show their knowledge and skills more than one time.;
  • Summative Assessment: An assessment that measures knowledge of several connected concepts and skills in meaningful and authentic ways.
  • Work Study Practices: Behaviors that enhance learning achievement and promote a positive work ethic.

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