Here you will find the most to date information regarding Hudson Memorial Sports schedules.

Dec 1st Vs Londonderry (HOME) 3:30pm

Dec 5th @ Hillside (AWAY) 5pm

Dec 8th Vs Mt View (HOME) 3:30pm

Dec 12th Vs Merrimack (HOME) 5pm

Dec 14th @ Windham (AWAY) 3:30pm

Dec 19th @ Woodbury (AWAY) 5pm

Jan 5th Vs Rundlett (HOME) 3:30pm

Jan 9th Vs Elm St (HOME) 5pm

Jan 12th @ Ross Lurgio (AWAY) 3:30pm

Jan 19th @ Londonderry (AWAY) 3:30pm

Jan 23rd @ Rundlett (AWAY) 5pm

Jan 26th Vs Windham (HOME) 3:30pm


*Last Day to Play Jan 31st

*Playoffs Feb 3rd – 11th


Dec 1st Vs Londonderry (HOME) 5pm

Dec 5th @ Hillside (AWAY) 3:30pm

Dec 8th Vs Mt View (HOME) 5pm

Dec 12th Vs Merrimack (HOME) 3:30pm

Dec 14th @ Windham (AWAY) 5pm

Dec 19th @ Woodbury (AWAY) 3:30pm

Jan 5th Vs Rundlett (HOME) 5pm

Jan 9th Vs Elm St (HOME) 3:30p

Jan 12th @ Ross Lurgio (AWAY) 5pm

Jan 19th @ Londonderry (AWAY) 5pm

Jan 23rd @ Rundlett (AWAY) 3:30pm

Jan 26th Vs Windham (HOME) 5pm


*Last Day to Play Jan 31st

*Playoffs Feb 3rd – 11th



Thursday, Dec 15th @ Ross Lurgio Middle School (Bedford)

Wednesday, Dec 21st @ Windham Middle School

Tuesday, Jan 10th @ Milford Middle School

Thursday, Jan 19th @ Mountain View Middle School (Goffstown)

Tuesday, Jan 24th @ Amherst Middle School

Thursday, Feb 2nd @ Londonderry Middle School

Tuesday, Feb 14th @ Rundlett Middle School (Concord)

Sunday, Feb 26th Tri-County State Meet

*Location and time TBD