Author Visit - Gordon Korman

Photo of Author Gordon Korman addressing HMS students.

Gordon Korman presenting to HMS students

by Beth Sloat, LMS, M.Ed., Certified K-12 Librarian

On Monday, April 15th, HMS proudly welcomed author Gordon Korman to our school. Mr. Korman has written over 100 books, and his book, Restart is a 7th grade class read. Mr. Korman presented to all three grades and talked about how he became a writer (wrote a story in 7th grade, sent it to Scholastic and it was his first published book), did a short read aloud from his newest book Slugfest. A book about a top athlete who has to go to summer school for failing PE! Copies of the book are in the HMS library now. 

At each of the sessions, the students were able to ask questions. The most asked questions were: “How much do you make, What is your favorite book, and Which character do you relate to?” 

Mr. Korman spent some time signing his books and talking to some of our students. The highlight for me was we were walking down the hall and a student stopped short, their jaw hit the floor and in a whispered voice, “you are my favorite author.”

The visit was enjoyed by all and I want to thank everyone who helped make the day run so smoothly!