Monday Message 4/1/2024

Tardy Update - Principal Beals

I am sharing updated tardy to school data with our school community, as promised, following our Flex Intervention process through March.

  • February Data was 117 tardy students per day average or 11.7%
  • March Data was 90 tardy students per day average or 9%

While pleased with the progress, the update does not meet my shared goal of reducing school tardiness by 50%.  While I am frustrated by the results, I appreciate our school community, working together to continually talk with students and reinforce a consistent message where possible.  I do know that tardy students from parent drop off vehicles was significantly reduced. 

In working with the assistant principals we will try something new for the three April weeks as follows: New Tardy Procedure: In April, instead of having Flex Intervention, students will be assigned an after school detention for every third tardy to school. The detentions will be issued by the assistant principal’s office. Detentions will be held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday when there is a late bus available. As always, students should bring documentation of any appointments that result in missing school. 

Additionally, the assistant principals and school counselors will be reviewing the data provided by the recent intervention and will be following up with students and their families where appropriate.  Please continue to make efforts to get to school on time to prevent continued disruption to teaching and learning. 

Unified PE Field Day

Unified PE took a field trip to compete and participate in the annual Betty Shepard Unified Field Day that takes place at Pinkerton Academy. The day is all about friendship and competing while having fun. Some of the events students participated in were the long jump, basketball free throws, and running events. Alvirne and Londonderry tied for second place overall out of seven schools that participated. Alvirne students also won awards in the following events:

3rd place in the 55 meter dash
1st place in basketball free throws
1st place Team Alvirne standing long jump

Way to go Alvirne!!

Junior State Assessment

As we prepare for the Junior State Assessment on Wednesday, April 3, here are some strategies for success: get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast, be on time to school, bring a calculator (one is embedded in the assessment if students don’t have one), and be positive.

We look forward to receiving our assessment data so that we can see all the areas of instruction that are resulting in student learning, and to make adjustments in instruction where needed. 

After-Hours Math Support Continues

We are happy to announce that the Hudson School District will continue with the after-hours math support through the month of April. After-hours math support is held weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm, Teams

Families, please encourage your student(s) to attend. We are happy to provide this opportunity.

Quarter 3 Ends - Wednesday, April 3

Quarter 3 ends on Wednesday, April 3. With one more quarter remaining, please continue to encourage your student(s) to arrive to school and classes on time, remain in classes to participate in all learning activities, complete all assignments on time, reassess when the opportunity arises, and finally, be curious…ask questions! Your teachers are there to support students, reach out to them with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy the week!
Joyce Wise 
Dean of Academics