Parking Information

2023/2024 Rules for Parking of Motor Vehicles at Alvirne High School

Online Parking Application

Seniors you must also complete the graduation form by signing in with your school log in,  in order to get your parking permit! Graduation Form

Parking stickers can be picked up between 9AM and Noon on August 21-25 in the Main Office (Juniors and Seniors only)
If you cannot come to Alvirne on the given dates, you will still have to opportunity to after school starts, dependent on if there are still permits available.

Students are granted the privilege of driving a motor vehicle to school provided they are issued a permit. These permits may be obtained from the administration in accordance with announced dates, times and requirements. Alvirne High School reserves the right to restrict parking if the number of permits requested is greater than the number of available parking spaces.

I. Parking permit criteria:

  1. Students must have a 2.0 GPA (C average) or higher from the previous quarter to qualify for a permit.
  2. Seniors will be given first preference followed by juniors.
  3. Students must present a valid New Hampshire driver’s license when they apply.
  4. Students must present the vehicle(s) current registration when they apply. Students may register two cars, each with its own permit affixed to the window.
  5. Students must pay a $25.00 fee for the first vehicle permit and $10 for registering a second vehicle. If a student needs to register a different vehicle, which will replace the initial registered vehicle, they must: fill out a Parking Permit application for the replacement vehicle; remove and return the sticker from the vehicle they no longer will use; and obtain a new sticker at no charge.
  6. If a student with a parking permit needs to drive a different car to school for a day or two, due to car repairs, etc., the student must register the temporary vehicle’s information in the Student Management Office.
  7. Students must show documented proof of insurance coverage; if coverage expires or is revoked, the parking privilege will be revoked.
  8. Students must not owe any obligations such as books, athletic uniforms, detention hours, etc. Seniors must also pay for their cap and gown to receive their permit ($32/$57 total).

II. Parking regulations:

  1. The permit will be placed on the passenger side windshield of the registered car.
  2. Students must always take great care to protect their permits.
  3. Students will permanently lose their parking eligibility if they give/loan the permit to another student or purchase a second permit for an ineligible sibling. Permits are to be used only by the authorized student.
  4. Drivers shall not use cell phones while their car is moving on school property.
  5. Students will not use prohibited substances (vaping devices, etc.) while on school property.
  6. The speed limit in the parking lot is 15 miles per hour, students using excessive speed will have privileges suspended.
  7. Students who arrive tardy to school due to “car trouble” will not be excused.
  8. Drivers are responsible for the behavior and actions of passengers in their vehicles.
  9. Vehicles (and the parking lot) are off limits during the school day.

III. Violations (Authorized Parker)

  1. Parking in a non-student designated area will result in:
    1. First Offense - Warning
    2. Second Offense - Loss of parking privilege for 10 school days.
    3. Additional Offenses - Loss of the parking privilege for one quarter for each additional offense.
  2. Students who have lost their parking privileges will immediately remove the permit from the window and surrender the permit to the administration. No refunds will be given.

IV. Violations (Unauthorized Parker)

Any student who has not been issued a permit or has lost his/her parking privilege and parks on school grounds will be subject to a detention and loss of parking privileges for an academic quarter for each offense if they are eligible.

V. Suspension from School in Relationship to Parking Permit

Students suspended from school will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  1. First Offense - Loss of parking privilege for 10 school days.
  2. Second Offense - Loss of parking privilege for 45 school days.
  3. Third Offense - Loss of parking privilege for one calendar year.

VI. State and Local Motor Vehicle Regulations

All state and local motor vehicle regulations will be enforced and reported to the Hudson Police Department. Driving dangerously or in any way endangering the safety of others will result in the loss of the parking privilege, possible citation by the Hudson Police Department, and/or possible towing of vehicle. The length of time relative to the loss of parking privileges could be as short as 30 days or as great as the permanent loss of the permit, depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Rev. 08/16/23