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9th - 12th

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Maroon and Gold

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Core Values and Beliefs

We are a community of thoughtful, articulate, and skilled learners, who seek to gain understanding about ourselves, the world, and diverse fields of study that will sustain us throughout our lives as we strive to meet the dynamic challenges of the 21st century. In partnership with families and the Hudson community, the staff and students of Alvirne High School committed to creating a safe and positive learning environment defined by these values.

  • Character - the combined qualities of integrity, kindness, tolerance, humility, and respect.
  • Curiosity - the life-long enjoyment of and passion for learning.
  • Commitment - the work ethic, independence, and responsibility developed by diverse and challenging programs.
  • Community - pride in our school, ourselves, and in our service to others.

Consistent with our core values and beliefs, our graduates will meet the following 21st Century learning expectations:

Academic Competencies

Students will communicate effectively using multiple forms and mediums for a variety of academic, civic, personal, career, and artistic purposes.

Students will develop reading, research, listening, and observation skills as well as aesthetic awareness through engagement with authentic, inquiry-based experiences.

Students will think critically, creatively, adaptively, and reflectively to solve problems and enhance their understanding of the world around them.

Apply Real World Skills
Students will integrate knowledge and skills with real-world applications.

Use Tools and Technology
Students will use tools and technology responsibly to enhance and express their learning.

Social and Civic Competencies

Work Together
Students will work collaboratively and form positive relationships that respect individual differences and beliefs.

Do the Right Thing
Students will demonstrate ethical conduct, responsibility for their own actions, and respect for the needs and rights of others.

Get Involved
Students will become active and informed citizens who make positive contributions to their school, local, and global communities.

Unanimously Approved by the Alvirne High School Faculty: October 3, 2012.
Unanimously Approved by the Hudson School Board: October 15, 2012.