Athletics at Alvirne High School

Interscholastic athletics is a completely voluntary program. No student is obligated to take part in any interscholastic activity and certainly not in interscholastic athletics. Participation is not required for graduation, nor must the student have athletic credits for college entrance. Those who participate must give extra effort and extra time.

Because interscholastic activities are voluntary and because those participating represent their student bodies, it is mandatory that to qualify, the standards must be the highest. This is particularly true of academic requirements, school citizenship, and sportsmanship. The dignity of the school program is reflected through interscholastic athletics. Those who take part must conduct themselves in a manner that is above question.

Selection of candidates is necessary. It must not be based upon athletic performance alone but also upon attitude, conduct, cooperation, and an earnest and sincere desire to represent the student body in a manner that compliments the school and community. Any student athlete has an obligation to oneself, the community, and teammates. Those who take part have greater responsibility as a role model.

As a result, there are special standards for those who represent schools as members of interscholastic teams. It is not too much to expect a student athlete to be a good school citizen. He or she has the privilege of participating in a well-organized program that is of special interest to him or her and for which the school provides coaching, equipment and facilities. The student who believes he or she is making too great a sacrifice by being a good citizen will be denied the privilege of taking part.

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