Alvirne Schedule Adjustment for 2022-2023 School Year

Alvirne families and students, 

As we are wrapping up this year, we have also been planning for next year and want to share information with you about an adjustment to the Alvirne High School schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Alvirne will be moving this fall to a full, A/B block schedule from the current, modified A/B block. This full A/B block schedule is common to the region and across the country because it affords increased student access to classes and interventions as well as opportunities for project-based learning and off-site internships. These goals align with our Hudson School District Strategic Plan and most importantly, our district Portrait of a Graduate, which outlines the skills students need for success in their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives after high school. 

An A/B block schedule will be familiar to our students and staff, as it is an extension of our current Wednesday/Thursday, four-period block days. Classes will meet for approximately 80 minutes every other day in an odd block/even block sequence over a two-week cycle. Additional details about the schedule will be communicated over the summer through email and Zoom forums, but we want to emphasize a few key points:  

  • Students will be scheduled for the same courses they signed up for this spring. 
  • Courses will continue to be taught in the traditional one-semester (e.g., Digital Photography, Economics, Creative Writing) and full-year (e.g., World Languages and Math) formats.  
  • Students may choose to take up to eight courses per semester and still have a scheduled lunch period each day (an increase from seven courses in the current schedule). 
  • The requirements and credits for graduation remain the same.  
  • The school day will begin and end at the same times (7:25-2:10), and every student will have a 25-minute lunch period each day.  
  • Eligible students will still have access to late arrival and early release privileges. 

In addition, with the impact of the pandemic, our staff has seen the need for additional academic as well as social/emotional support for students. The Flex Time Pilot this spring provided time for academic support on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and our hope is to extend this program in next year's schedule to include Advisory and school community-building activities.  

More information will be shared over the summer: 

July 11 Email update with additional details about the schedule to families and students
July 13, 12:00 pm  Zoom chat with families and students 
July 20, 11:00 am  In-person roundtable with students (AHS) 
August 10, 12:00 pm   Zoom chat with families and students 
August 10, 11:00 am  Roundtable with students (AHS) 
August 15-19  Student schedules released in the Portal and full schedule details to students and families 

We understand that change can be difficult, but we are confident that moving to the A/B block schedule will benefit our students. We are also confident that the Alvirne community will work together to make this transition as seamless as possible. We encourage your participation in the above forums, and we are also available to discuss any questions and concerns you may have throughout the summer. 

Enjoy your summer, 

Steve Beals, Principal 
Susan Bureau, Dean of Academics