Good Digital Citizenship
Student Agreement
Hills Garrison School

  1. I am responsible for my computer account and email account.
  • I will not give my password to anyone, even my friends.
  • I will log off from my account when I am finished.
  • If I see another person’s work on a computer screen, I will tell an adult. I will wait to use the computer until an adult has removed the material.
  1. I am responsible for my language.
  • I will only use language on the Internet and in my school email that I would use in the classroom with my teacher.
  • I will not use bad words when I use a computer.
  1. I am responsible for how I treat other people.
  • I will not write anything mean or hurtful to another person.
  • I will not be a bully or make fun of anyone.
  • I will not “stalk” any person online or by text message.
  • I will tell a teacher if I see anything hurtful to another student online.
  1. I am responsible for my use of the schools’ network.
  • I will not look for web pages with pictures, words or sounds that are not appropriate in school.
  • I will not download any files, including music and video files, unless a teacher gives me permission.
  1. I am a responsible member of my school when I am online.
  • I will not write anything or post pictures or video that is hurtful or embarrassing to anyone on any website or social media such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  1. I am responsible to be honest about who I am online.
  • I will not pretend to be anyone else online.
  • I will not send email, create an account or post any words, pictures, or sounds using someone else’s name.
  • I will not use another person’s login name or password.
  1. I am responsible for protecting the security of the school’s network.
  • I will not try to change security settings or install any software on school computers or devices without permission.
  1. I am responsible for caring for school property.
  • I will not break or destroy any computer equipment on purpose.
  • I will not move any equipment, including keyboards and mice, without permission.

Reference Hudson School District policy JICL – School District Internet Access for Students