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2nd - 5th

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Kelly Green and Navy Blue

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hills Garrison School to help all members of its school community to become lifelong learners.

School Philosophy

The Hills Garrison School is one of the four elementary schools in the town of Hudson. We are committed to excellence in all academic areas as we strive to develop a community of lifelong learners. Inherent in this commitment is a be lief that all students must be provided with a challenging and meaningful program that has flexibility to meet varying student needs. Techniques used to stimulate student interest in learning are as varied as the personalities of the teachers who implement them. Each teacher has a unique way of making learning come alive. Teachers display high expectations for student performance and determine how best to individualize and enable students to meet learning objectives. Teachers use a variety of instructional and management strategies and maintain a positive classroom climate. Educators follow continuous school improvement initiatives defined in the District's Educational Improvement Plan. By linking continuous school improvement to professional development, teachers are continually encouraged to test new ideas, assess the effects of those ideas, adjust their strategies and approaches, and reassess in order to reach all students and make learning meaningful. Differentiated classrooms respond to students' varying readiness levels, interests, and learning profiles in all grades.

It is especially important to us at Hills Garrison to create a collegial setting that will foster communication, cooperation, involvement in team activities, and a positive interest in learning among all members of the school community. Administrative policies and practices are designed to build a highly supportive school environment in which students, parents, staff and learning are highly respected.

Education today calls for students to be active learners who not only acquire knowledge, but also apply that knowledge in meaningful ways. Children learn best if they are immersed in complex experiences and are given the opportunity to actively process what they have learned. Learning activities must address multiple intelligence theory and an awareness that not all students learn in the same way. Most importantly, the school will encourage intellectual curiosity. Students, parents, staff, School Board members, and the community at large will work cooperatively to create, nurture, and maintain this environment.

Hills Garrison School, in concert with all Hudson schools, assumes a key role in developing students who are lifelong learners able to adapt to change. We will strive to meet the demands of society for increasingly sophisticated knowledge and skills. Toward that end, we welcome community involvement in upholding high standards of achievement and a commitment to lifelong learning. Let us move forward together as we work to build a school in which children will be happy, healthy, and eager to learn.