Library Street School Winter Concerts

Library Street School Winter Concerts

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This year, we are planning a Winter Concert! Here is some information you will need to know:

  • Students will have a dress rehearsal at 9:30 AM on the day of the concert, and a night concert for parents at 6:30 PM.
  • We ask that no more than 2 guests per family attend the evening concerts. There is a dress rehearsal at 9:30 AM that is open to guests. Guests may arrive at 9:15 AM. Please enter through front door of the building. Handicapped access is available at the front entrance.

The concert dates are as follows, by teacher:

Monday, Dec.11: Mrs. Malizia, Mrs. Milne, Mrs. Norcross

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Miss Adams, Mrs. DeCicco, Miss Peters, Mrs. Richards

Friday, Dec. 15: Miss Lindsay, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Moeckel, Ms. Naughton

  • For Concert Dress, students should wear nice shirt and pants, or long skirt with leggings (for movement, pants are preferred). Students should dress nicely in clothing that is easy to move in. Our concert songs have different movements so students should be able to move arms, legs, bend, crouch, etc. It is highly recommended for students to wear sneakers for safety on the risers. (Sneakers could be any color). Students should not wear shoes with high heels. Students will wear Concert Dress for both the dress rehearsal (during the daytime) and the evening performance.
  • For the night concert, students will arrive promptly at 6:15 PM. Please enter through front door. The door will be opened a few minutes before. Please bring students to the gym. Students will be called from the gym and will be escorted by the Principal, Miss Holder, or a teacher to their classrooms.
  • After the concert, students will be dismissed from their classrooms.

These students have been working really hard on the winter songs! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Miss Katherine Holder, Music Specialist

Email:     Phone: (603) 886-1248 ex.33060