Good Digital Citizenship
Student Agreement
Early Learning Center

  1. I will use proper language when I am using a computer.
  • I will not write bad words when I use a computer.
  1. I will treat other people nicely.
  • I will not write mean things about another person on the computer.
  • I will not be a bully.
  • I will not make fun of anyone.
  • I will tell a grown-up if I know someone in my class is being mean to someone else when they are on a computer.
  1. I will use the internet properly.
  • I will not look for pages that have bad words or pictures on them.
  • I will tell a grown up if I see any bad words or see any bad pictures on a computer.
  1. I will take care of the computers I use in school.
  • I will not change anything on the computer without a teacher’s permission.
  • I will not hurt any part of the computer on purpose.
  • I will not write on the computers or printers with pencil, pen, or markers.
  • I will make sure my hands are clean before I touch a keyboard or mouse.
  • I do not want to spread germs to other children.
  1. I will take good care of the keyboards and mice.
  • I will wash my hands after I use the bathroom so the keyboard and mice will be clean for other children to use.

Reference: Hudson School District policy JICL - School District Internet Access for Students