First Grade Drop Off - Morning

Students are to be dropped off on the First Street side of the school after 8:25 AM, as there is no supervision before that time. The circular drive located directly in front of the school is not a drop-off option due to the high traffic of students that use that area. Only in the case of emergency can vehicles come into the circular drive to pick up or drop off children. If you are going to stop and stay for any reason, you must park your car on First Street (see Parking Signs) or behind the school itself.

Staff is on drop-off duty until 8:45. If you arrive after 8:45, please escort your child to the Main Office.

First Grade Pick Up - Afternoon

*Please note, we do not allow independent walkers.*

Car Pick-up students are dismissed via the side door( Door number 5) located on First Street. Parents are asked to stay in their cars and form a line that goes down First Street, with overflow traffic going onto School Street. A staff member will check your child’s name off the dismissal list and will then escort him/her to your car. We will provide each pick-up vehicle with an identification number to place on the front dash or mirror to expedite this process. Once you have your child in your car safely buckled-up, you may exit the school area by continuing up First Street. Proper identification will be required. The only parents that should be standing outside by the door are those who live close by and walk home with their children. Unless you are walking home, please follow the car pick up line process. By staying in the car pick-up line you help mitigate the potentially dangerous situation.