Students bring home fantastic results at NH state FFA convention

From March 31st through April 2nd Alvirne FFA members competed at the 92nd New Hampshire FFA convention, held at the Mount Washington Hotel.  The countless hours of practicing & studying over the past few months really paid off, with a number of placings over various events.  Those events are:

Agricultural Mechanics – Coached by Ben Marshall

For the first time, Alvirne did a clean sweep of this event.  Members include:

4th place – James Rowe

3rd place – Donovan Greenwood

2nd place – Parker Berube

1st place – Matt Rice

1st place team overall consisted of James Rowe, Donovan Greenwood, Matt Rice, Seamus Alukonis

Animal Welfare – Coached by Corie Bliss & Jenny Beaudry

Novice Division

3rd place – Katie Amidon

2nd place – Erin Stevens

1st place – Nico Carlen

Experienced Division

1st place – Olivia Fraser

Creed Speaking – Coached by Ben Marshall

4th place – Victoria Scarbro

3rd place – Juliana Picone

2nd place – Matt Rice

Demonstration – Coached by Corie Bliss, Jenny Beaudry, and Ben Marshall

Sophomore Division

2nd place – Riley Devin

1st place – Donovan Greenwood

Junior Division

2nd place – Ava Noel

Senior Division

3rd place – James Rowe

2nd place – Seamus Alukonis

Employment Skills – Coached by Ben Marshall

Senior Division

3rd place – Matt Rice

Junior Division

3rd place – Elizabeth Bliss

2nd place – Erin Stevens along with 2nd place overall

Extemporaneous Public Speaking – Coached by Ben Marshall

1st place – Matthew Rice

Floriculture – Coached by Sue Hill

3rd place – Olivia Fraser

2nd place team overall – Members include Olivia Fraser, Shyann Bergeron, Taylor Montgomery, Ava Biskaduros

Forestry – Coached by Ben Marshall

Continuing their outstanding winning streak in New Hampshire for over the past ten years, the Alvirne FFA Forestry team did a clean sweep of the state taking all top four spots for the second year in a row.

4th place – Jakob Frieda

3rd place – Parker Berube

2nd place – Donovan Greenwood

1st place – James Rowe

1st place team overall included members Jakob Frieda, Scott Skirkey, Parker Berube, Donovan Greenwood, Parker Hilton, Jacob Rhyner, and James Rowe.

Impromptu Public Speaking – Coached by Ben Marshall

3rd place – Carson Collins

2nd place tie) – Robert Maucieri

2nd place (tie) – Julianna Picone

1st place – Victoria Scarbro

Prepared Public Speaking – Coached by Ben Marshall

4th place – Parker Berube

2nd place – Victoria Scarbro

Veterinary Science – Coached by Corie Bliss & Jenny Beaudry

The Alvirne Vet Science team did an outstanding job against very hard competition.  Having won this event every year since 2012, they did a clean sweep of the event, taking all top 4 placings.  Members include:

4th place – Ava Noel

3rd place – Katie Amidon

2nd place – Nico Carlen

1st place – Elizabeth Bliss

1st place overall team members included Ava Noel, Emma Kobs, Katie Amidon, Elizabeth Bliss, Nico Carlen, Carson Collins, Riley Devin, and Olivia Smith.

The New Hampshire FFA State Degree, the second highest degree an FFA member can receive, the highest being the American Degree, was also awarded at this past convention.  In order to receive this degree, members must perform a minimum number of community service hours, have an active SAE, and have received their Chapter Degree.  Working with their advisors Corie Bliss, Jenny Beaudry, and Ben Marshall, these following members received their State Degree and now wear the coveted gold chain lanyard.  These members are:

-Victoria Scarbro

-Erin Stevens

-Matthew Rice

The 95th National FFA Convention is being held in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 26-29.  Teams representing New Hampshire will be Agricultural Mechanics, Forestry, and Veterinary Science.  In addition, Matthew Rice will be representing New Hampshire in Extemporaneous Public Speaking. 

To top off Alvirne’s outstanding performance and representation at the FFA State Convention, for the first time in 15 years, an Alvirne FFA member was voted in as a state officer.  State officers are the “faces of the state”, attending various chapter’s banquets, hosting workshops, travelling to retreats in Washington DC, and representing New Hampshire at National Convention.  Alvirne FFA Vice President Matthew Rice, a 2nd year forestry student, was elected to the position of 2022-2023 New Hampshire FFA State President by a committee of fellow FFA members.