ESOL Department

Mission of the ESOL Department


The primary mission of the ESOL Department is to facilitate English language acquisition for students for whom English is not the first language. This is achieved through ESOL instructional classes, pull-out, and/or push-in services. The ESOL Department complies with state standards for English language acquisition, the World Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium Standards (WIDA), and uses these standards in conjunction with the fundamental principles of second language acquisition in order to provide the most beneficial learning environment possible to the student. The ESOL Department also works to promote multi-cultural awareness in classrooms across the school district, and parental involvement in schools and the community.

ESOL Teachers



AlvirneKaren Goyette
Dr. H.O. Smith / Library Street SchoolElizabeth Jutras 
Hills GarrisonKaren Goyette
Hudson Memorial Middle SchoolNancy Mercurio
Nottingham WestKelly Garas

ESOL in NH and MA

 http://www.adultlearningcenter.orgESOL in Nashua, NH
 http://www.nhesl.orgA Directory of ESOL information in NH
 http://mvhub.comA Directory of ESOL information in MA
 http://www.mhl.orgESOL in Andover, MA
 http://lowelladulteducation.comESOL in Lowell, MA

ESOL Resources

Global PostAn online resource of news and articles from around the world
World FactbookInformation about countries around the world
World Wide International TVWatch online TV channels and stations from around the world
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language (for students planning on going to college)
ESL PodcastingLinks to podcasting sites and more!
National Public RadioLinks to podcasting and online radio
a4esl.orgOnline activities for ESL students
Khan AcademyProvides videos of all academic areas


What is ESOL? 

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a program that offers assistance to students who have another language in their background and need help in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English in order to be successful in school. ESOL services are offered and integrated into the regular school day.

How are students identified for ESOL services?

A Home Language Survey is completed at the time of school registration. If there is an indication of a language other than English, the form is forwarded to that school’s ESOL teacher. After a review of information, the student’s English skills are assessed with either the W-APT or the MODEL. Eligibility for services is based on those test results. Parents may not opt-out of this initial assessment.

If ESOL services are recommended, is participation required?

No, parents may choose to decline ESOL services for their child, but under Federal law, if the child is eligible for ESOL, the child must take an annual assessment until their scores qualify the child to exit.

How are students exited from ESOL identification?

Whether or not a student receives ESOL services, annual testing is required by Federal law and New Hampshire State Standards for English Language Learners.  The state of New Hampshire uses the ACCESS to fulfill these requirements. During the winter, students eligible for ESOL services are assessed in the four language areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. Students must score a composite of no less than 5.0 with no language domain score less than 4.0 to be considered proficient in the English language.

What is Title III?

Title III is a federal grant program that provides financial assistance to school districts to ensure that children who are limited English proficient attain English proficiency and meet the same challenging State academic content all children are expected to meet.
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How is Title III funding used in Hudson’s Schools?

Adhering to Federal parameters for the use of Title III money, Hudson uses the funds to:

Purchase instructional materials for students
Purchase technology (e.g. iPads) for students
Increase outreach to parents and community members
Provide professional development opportunities to faculty and staff