Student Achievement Committee

The Student Achievement Committee is responsible for overseeing all district evaluations, the collection of data, interpretation of data, and making recommendations to the Curriculum Advisory Council on student progress, areas of strength and weakness in curriculum and or student performance.

This year the Student Achievement Committee will be examining all assessments that we currently administer and culling the list to those assessments that are most important, provide us with critical information about students, and are relevant.  The Committee will also be identifying what additional assessments require to provide comprehensive information about students and assist in informing best instructional practices.  

Members of the Assessment Committee: 

  • MaryEllen LabrieFran Garon
  • Elaine Yen
  • Peter Durso
  • Michael McNellis
  • Karen Cassidy
  • Robin Cruz
  • Lois Connors
  • Nancy Rothe
  • Mary Levesque
  • Keith Bowen
  • Mark Bell
  • Sue Bureau
  • Scott Riddell
  • Karen Goyette
  • Diane Hampion
  • Irene Sousa
  • Mary Elen Ormond