Curriculum Advisory Council

The Curriculum Advisory Council is made up of educators and administrators throughout the district who are chairs or co-chairs of the different curriculum committees.  It is the responsibility of these individuals to oversee curriculum for the district, vet new programs, and approve adjustments and or revisions to particular curriculum.   

This year the committee is focusing on integrating student mastery assessments with grade level competencies.  Along with the development of student mastery assessments, the curriculum teams will be working to create common grade level formative assessments that will be given periodically, linked to the curriculum and designed to inform teacher instruction on student progress toward grade level competencies.

For the purpose of this committee the following is offered as definitions for key concepts to aid in clarity and transparency in what we are doing:

  • Competencies: Skills and knowledge that each student must know by the end of the year at each particular grade and each core subject.
  • Student Mastery Assessment: Assessment that measures whether a student has mastered the concepts, knowledge, and skills for the competencies in each subject and at each grade level.  Sometimes these assessments can be performance based, paper/pencil based, or some combination of both.
  • Formative Assessment: Formative assessment is evaluation of student learning that aids understanding and development of knowledge, skills and abilities without passing any final judgment (via recorded grade) on the level of learning. This type of evaluation is used to inform students on their progress towards mastering a competency as well as inform teacher instruction as to what students know and are able to do regarding competencies.  
Curriculum Chairs
 EnglishSara Conrad, Lisa Spinelli, Lois Connors 
 MathematicsMary Glaude, Daniel Pooler, Scott Baker/MaryEllen Labrie 
 ScienceJen Oquist, Heather Bucknam, Peter Durso 
 Social StudiesJeff Peterson, Kara Wilkens, Michael McNellis 
 Foreign LanguageGil LaChance 
 GuidanceBill Hughen 
 Physical EducationKaren Bonney, Karyn Misenhiemer 
 HealthPeter Jean, Melanie Curran 
 Additional MembersSusan Bureau, Keith Bowen, Mary Ellen Ormond